Oregon Dog Attack Leads to Police Shooting

A misunderstanding in Aurora led to an Oregon dog attack and, eventually, a police shooting last week according to an article in The Oregonian.

Citing police spokesmen, the paper reports that officers investigating a report of teens breaking into a house were charged by what they described as an aggressive dog, which one officer eventually shot in the leg. The police say the officer was acting in self-defense, and a spokesman later described the Aurora dog attack shooting as justified.

The call itself, however, was the result of a misunderstanding. According to the paper the neighbor who phoned the police in the first place was unaware that the teens were taking care of pets in the home – not breaking in.

This unfortunate incident is a reminder, however, of the importance of keeping pets properly leashed at all times, especially dogs who may be prone to attack or bite. Portland dog attacks can lead to serious injuries or even death. In this case, for example, the fact that a neighbor acting in good faith misunderstood what the teens were allegedly doing is separate from the fact that someone’s large, potentially violent dog was unleashed and in a position to attack.

Victims of a Portland, Aurora, Medford, Eugene or Ashland dog attack should immediately contact an experienced Oregon personal injury lawyer with special experience in dog attacks to discuss the specifics of their situation. The medical bills following an Oregon dog bite or dog attack can be significant. An Oregon dog bite lawyer can help you hold irresponsible pet owners accountable for their actions.

The Oregonian: Misunderstandings lead to police shooting dog of vacationing homeowners

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