Oregon Child Safety: Some Good News

A recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers some refreshingly good news concerning Oregon child safety and Oregon injuries to children. As summarized by the Associated Press, the report indicates that, nationwide, “accidents are killing far fewer children and teenagers than in the past.”
The even better news for us here in the Pacific Northwest was that Oregon was among the states reporting the greatest declines in injuries and deaths among young people.

As the news agency reports, across the United States “the death rate for youths age 19 and younger dropped about 30 percent from 2000 to 2009. The number of deaths dropped too, from about 12,400 to about 9,100.” Much of the drop in fatalities can be attributed to an especially dramatic 41 percent fall-off in traffic-related deaths. “The CDC didn’t analyze exactly what caused that decline, but officials believe it was helped by measures like graduated drivers’ licenses and use of child safety and booster seats,” the article, as republished by Roseburg TV station KPIC, notes.

There is, of course, still progress to be made. According to the study accidents remain the leading cause of death among young people. Additionally, some of the study’s categories – such as accidental poisoning – showed increases over the period surveyed.

From a Portland child injury lawyer’s perspective this report is a useful reminder of the good that parents, peers and educators can all accomplish by working together. Amid the parade of bad news we so often see on TV and read online it is heartening to be reminded that our national, and Oregon, efforts to improve child safety are paying off.

AP via KPIC.com: Oregon a leader in latest CDC study on child safety gains

CDC ‘Vital Signs’ Page

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