Oregon Child Injury in Coos Bay Accident

All too often I use this blog to write about Oregon auto accidents and Portland pedestrian accidents involving drunk driving. It is useful, however, to be reminded now and then that the most tragic accidents – those involving injured Oregon children – do not necessarily involve impaired drivers.

From Coos Bay comes word of an accident in which a “woman and her young daughter were badly injured when they were struck by a truck while crossing Newmark Avenue” according to the Coos Bay World. The accident is notable for the fact that, according to the paper, the driver, who was uninjured in the Oregon car accident, “was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to a police (news) release,” the paper reports.

The victims in this instance were a 28-year-old woman and her 7-year-old daughter. Both were badly injured and were transferred to Portland where they were admitted Oregon Health Sciences University hospital.

On one level we have here the most basic sort of traffic accident: a driver who does not appear to have been impaired, according to police and media reports, and who yet managed to hit a young mother and her small child as they were crossing the street.

Incidents like this highlight the most important role a Portland or Coos Bay child injury lawyer can play for a client: being available to help a damaged family rebuild in the wake of a tragedy. Accidents happen, but accountability is also important. Experienced and compassionate legal help is essential for victims who want and need justice but are initially unsure where to turn in the wake of an Oregon accident involving injuries to children.

Coos Bay World: Vehicle hits mother, child pedestrians

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