Oregon Child Injured in Bike Accident May Have Been Saved by Helmet

Luck, and his helmet, appear to have saved the life of a 13-year old Milwaukie, Oregon child injured this week in an Oregon bike accident. According to The Oregonian, the boy “survived a collision with a car”, in part because he was wearing a heavy-duty helmet received as a gift from his mother only days earlier.

The Oregon bicycle accident took place at the intersection of Southeast Thiessen and Oetkin Roads south of Milwaukie’s city center. According to the newspaper, a motorist making a left turn collided with the boy, throwing him off the bike head-first and into the car’s windshield.

The boy “suffered a broken toe, dislocated left hip and fractured femur in the crash,” The Oregonian reported, but, thanks to the helmet, has no serious head injuries. Police officers quoted by the newspaper speculated that the boy was helped by the fact that he was wearing a heavy-duty skateboarding helmet rather than a traditional bike helmet at the time of the accident. The difference in helmets may have been a factor in the boy’s avoidance of Oregon traumatic brain injury.

Police cited the car’s driver, a 77 year old Milwaukie woman, at the scene. The fact that her improper left turn resulted in an Oregon child injury accident is serious matter. Most families facing such a situation are well-advised to make immediate contact with a Portland, Oregon personal injury attorney with specialized knowledge of how the law treats both Oregon injuries to children, Oregon bicycle accidents and – when they occur – Oregon traumatic brain injuries. An Oregon child injury lawyer can help parents sort through the legalities of traumatic incidents such as this one and advise them on the best way to pursue justice in the wake of an Oregon injury accident.

The Oregonian: New helmet may have saved life of boy, 13, in bike accident

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