Oregon Car Crash Driver Cited in Two States

A car crash near the center of the Glenn Jackson Bridge earlier this week wrecked a semi-trailer and a Honda, sent two people to the hospital and ended with the driver of the Honda facing legal trouble in both Oregon and Washington.

The Oregon car and truck accident left 21-year old Ilya Anikin facing drunk driving charges in two states after crashing his vehicle on the bridge just inside the Oregon state line in the early hours of Thursday morning, according to The Oregonian. Police are still on the lookout for the driver of a red Pontiac alongside whom, they say, Anikin was driving recklessly as the two cars crossed the bridge headed from Washington into Oregon.

NWCN reports that the Oregon truck accident unfolded in an Oregon DOT workzone near the middle of the bridge when Anikin’s Honda swerved, hitting the semi “in the left rear axle, causing its two trailers to drive over, and somewhat flatten, the car.” The Oregonian reports that the trailers tipped over, smashing into the bridge’s center divider, blocking the road and spilling a huge amount of glue, which the truck was hauling (and which work crews struggled – successfully – to get cleaned up prior to the morning rush hour). The driver of the truck was uninjured, but Anikin and a passenger were treated at a local hospital, where Oregon police cited Anikin for DUII and reckless driving. Washington state police then arrested him and issued another, Washington State, DUI citation.

Portland car accidents, especially those involving Oregon drunk drivers, are serious legal matters requiring skilled legal representation from the outset. If you have been the victim of an Oregon drunk or reckless driver, an Oregon personal injury attorney should be one of the first calls you or your loved ones make after attending to immediate medical needs.

A police citation (or even two citations, in two different states) does not, by itself, guarantee you either justice or appropriate compensation for the pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills and damage to your vehicle or other property stemming from an accident that resulted from someone else’s negligence or misbehavior. Prompt consultation with an Oregon car crash lawyer is the best assurance you have that justice will be served.

NWCN: Alcohol, reckless driving led to I-205 crash

The Oregonian: After night is full moon traffic accidents, Portland police looking for driver in dramatic Glenn Jackson Bridge crash

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