Oregon boating death raises safety concerns

A Savage Rapids boat accident that left one person dead and three injured highlights the necessity of talking to an experienced Oregon personal injury attorney when pleasure excursions go wrong and result in an Oregon boat accident.

Jeff Bradley, 39, a member of a boat racing team, died last Friday in an Oregon jet boat accident when his boat flipped over as he was guiding his 12-year old son and two other passengers through Savage Rapids on the Rogue River in southern Oregon. All three passengers were thrown clear of the Savage Rapids jet boat accident, but Bradley was pinned underneath the boat and dragged 300 yards down the river. The accident occurred near the site of the Savage Rapids Dam, which workers recently breached as part of the process of removing it from the river.

Whenever tragic accidents like this happen it is best to consult immediately with an Oregon boat accident lawyer. Legal consul can be essential both to exercise your responsibilities for legal reporting and to protect your rights if someone else may be even partially at fault for the accident. This is particularly the case if you believe the accident may have resulted in an Oregon wrongful death.

Speed limits posted for boats on Oregon waterways are legally enforceable – just like speed limits on the road. Similarly, boaters involved in an accident have responsibilities that are as serious as those of motorists in an accident. In particular, anyone involved in an Oregon boat accident that involves death, injuries or more than $2000 in property damage has to report the incident to the State Marine Board. In such instances, particularly if injuries are involved, the services of an Oregon personal injury lawyer can be a crucial element of preventing small problems from ballooning into big ones.

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