Oregon Boating Accident is a Reminder to Put Safety First

There are some obvious elements to boating safety – ones we are all aware of: wearing life jackets, for example. But a recent Oregon boating accident at Triangle Lake, which left one child severely injured enough to require evacuation by helicopter, is a reminder that there is much more to a safe summer by the water than life vests.

According to television station KVAL a girl was injured last week when she and “a group of kids on a church outing from the Salem area were being towed behind a 20-foot boat.” The girl “fell off the toy they were being towed on” and later complained of “back and leg pain.” Once at the hospital it was reported that the girl’s injuries are not life-threatening.

It is noteworthy that, according to KVAL, all of the children involved were wearing life jackets. The fact, however, that this precaution still left at least one child open to a potentially serious injury is a sad reminder of the extra precautions we must all take involving boating safety in general and children in particular.

From the perspective of a Portland personal injury lawyer who often handles cases involving injuries to children, it is never pleasant to see summer activities end in this tragic and frightening manner. Courts and lawyers should be the last thing anyone is thinking about while having fun at a beach this summer. For that to be possible, however, responsible adults need to think carefully about the activities they plan for the children and teens entrusted to their care. The ultimate cause of many accidents is thoughtlessness, something that, in an ideal role, it should not require courts and lawyers to reduce.

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KVAL: Girl flown to hospital by helicopter after accident at Triangle Lake

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