Oregon Car Accident Sidelines Competitive Cyclist

A recent article in the Keizer Times highlighted the story of a local man who is struggling to recover after an Oregon bicycle accident involving a drunk driver. According to the newspaper the 59-year old “had plans to compete in some bicycle competitions this summer,” instead he is now working to recover from extensive injuries as he and his family look for a longer-term rehab facility.

The newspaper reports that the accident took place March 14 when the cyclist was riding “near Antelope in Central Oregon.” Citing a State Police report, the paper says a 56-year-old woman “was driving a 2007 Toyota Tundra and pulling a trailer westbound on Highway 218 in Wasco County when the right side of her pick-up hit” the bike rider. The driver left the scene of the accident and was later “arrested and charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants, failure to perform the duties of a driver, reckless driving and second-degree assault.”

The cyclist was initially taken to a local hospital and later moved to a different hospital in Bend. He suffered “four broken ribs on the left side, several breaks in his lower left leg, a broken left scapula (shoulder blade), a cut on the left side of his temple and a concussion,” according to the Keizer Times. A friend describes him as “recovering as well as can be expected.”

This accident is a reminder of the importance of safe driving around cyclists, but also of the damage that drunk drivers can do. As an Oregon bike accident attorney I see cases like this far too often, even here in bike-friendly Portland, and also see too many families struggling to cope with the medical bills and the pain and suffering that inevitably follow in the wake of a crash like this. Our civil courts exist in large part to help Oregonians obtain justice after accidents like this. The criminal court system can hold a drunk driver to account, but it is through our parallel system of civil courts that victims can obtain the full measure of justice they deserve following an accident like this.


Keizer Times: Bicyclist Recovering After Hit

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