Industrial Lathe Accident A Reminder of Workplace Dangers

A recent article in the Sacramento Bee is a telling reminder of the importance of workplace safety here in Oregon and of the sort of precautions businesses ought to be taking to avoid Oregon industrial accidents.

According to an Associated Press report posted on the newspaper’s website, a 60-year old man’s arm was severed by an industrial lathe while he was working at GE Aviation Systems, a company which manufactures parts for airplanes. Quoting local first responders the news agency reports that “workers were turning a piece of metal and the man’s arm somehow got caught in the lathe.”
The victim was transported to a local hospital “along with his crushed arm. It’s unclear if the arm can be reattached,” according to the report.

Were this accident to have taken place here in Oregon it would be important to look carefully at the machinery involved, the training given to the victim and to other workers and the safety procedures in place at the plant. All of these are relevant to the question of whether an Oregon industrial accident has taken place here in Portland or elsewhere in the state.

Employers have an obligation to ensure that they are providing workers with the right equipment for any given job, to maintain that equipment properly and to ensure that the workplace itself is set up to operate in a safe manner. Failure to exercise any or all of these duties can lead to an industrial accident. At the very least, victims and their loved-ones are well-advised to consult a Portland industrial accidents lawyer to get a better understanding of how the law may be able to help and protect them in the wake of a workplace accident.

AP via the Sacramento Bee: Worker’s arm severed by industrial lathe

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