Grandmother of Eugene Abuse Victim Accuses State of Neglect

The step-Grandmother of a 16-year-old Eugene girl who died after alleged torture and abuse by her mother and stepfather says she made repeated efforts to warn state child welfare officials of the situation, according to a recent article in The Oregonian. This tragic, and extreme, case of Oregon child injury reminds us all of the importance of accountability whenever the safety of children is in question.

Eugene teenager Jeanette Maples died last week after what court papers describe as “intentional maiming and torturing.” As criminal charges against her mother and stepfather moved forward, the head of Oregon’s Department of Human Services ordered an investigation of the conduct of the caseworkers involved with Maples and her family.

The charges from Maples’ step-grandmother emerged into the media shortly thereafter. Lynn McAnulty says she told child services officials on several occasions over the last few months that she was concerned for Jeanette’s welfare, fearing that the Oregon child’s injuries had been caused by other members of her family.

Torture and child abuse are, first and foremost, criminal matters; but if government officials charged with preventing criminal conduct fail to do their jobs civil liability can also arise. An Oregon child injury lawyer can offer advice on the conduct of government officials and whether it rises to the level of negligence.

Accountability is an important principal of our system of justice. A Portland child injury lawyer can offer important advice on how to proceed if you believe an Oregon child is suffering, in part, because failing to do all he or she can to stop it.

The Oregonian: Grandmother of slain teen says she repeatedly called the state child abuse hotline

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