CPSC Recalls Nearly 1.6 Million Delta and Playkids Cribs After Two Babies Die

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling almost 1.6 million cribs after reports that two babies died in accidents involving defective crib hardware. In one case, a 5-month-old infant suffocated to death after getting caught between a Playkids USA convertible crib’s drop side rail and its mattress. In the other accident, an 8-month-old baby suffocated to death after becoming entrapped in a Delta Enterprise crib. Also in May 2007, another 8-month baby died in accident involving a Delta crib.

The voluntary recalls involve 2,000 Playkids USA portable convertible cribs and 1,585,000 Delta drop side cribs. The convertible cribs are being recalled because the mesh on the sides of the crib may expand to create a space that an infant might fall into, become entrapped, suffocate, and die.

The Delta drop side cribs were recalled because of safety peg issues. While 985,000 cribs are missing this necessary feature, the spring pegs on 600,000 Delta cribs may be prone to malfunction. The concern is that the missing or defective spring peg could cause the drop side of a crib to become detached and create a space that an infant might fall into. The Delta recall is being called one of the largest crib recalls in US history.

According to Kids in Danger, over 1,000 children have died over the last two decades because of injuries they sustained in cribs. Each year, some 10,000 children are admitted to hospital emergency rooms for crib-related injuries, with 22 kids dying from their injuries.

Examples of injuries caused by defective crib hardware include:

• Suffocation
• Asphyxiation
• Broken bones
Traumatic brain injuries
• Head injuries
• Gaseous poison from the crib mattress
• Entrapment
Federal law requires that all cribs come with warning labels, the correct instructions, and hardware that are free from defects. More details about the recalls can be found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Web site (see below).

The manufacturers of nursery furniture and other kids products have a responsibility to produce products that are free from hazardous defects. Failure to do so can be grounds for an Oregon personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit if a child is injured or dies because a crib was defective.

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