Clackamas Dog Attack Hero Receives National Recognition

An area man has received a national award for saving a neighbor from a vicious Oregon dog attack. According to a recent article in The Oregonian, Chuck Monnier of Molalla rescued 23 year old Christopher Friesen from a serious attack by two loose dogs early on Christmas morning 2008. He has now been honored with a Carnegie Medal, “one of 22 awarded across the country this year by the Carnegie Hero Fund,” the newspaper reports.

Monnier told The Oregonian he heard Friesen’s cries for help and began to call 911 before deciding the situation could not wait. Handing the telephone to his wife he rushed outside, grabbed a shovel and used it to drive the attacking Clackamas dogs away. The Oregon dog attack left Friesen with serious injuries to his head, left calf, the back of his right knee and his left arm.

According to the newspaper, the Molalla police located the dogs the following day. The animals were “placed in quarantine. After an investigation, the dogs were euthanized and their owner was cited for maintaining a dangerous dog.”
Oregon dog attack victims have the right to receive justice for the injuries they have suffered through dog owners’ negligence. A Portland or Clackamas County dog attack attorney should be your first, and most important, contact after immediate medical needs are satisfied.

Monnier and Friesen’s story ends well. Friesen has recovered, the men are now friends and Monnier says he thinks of Friesen “as a grandson who just happened to have been born in another family.” Not all Oregon dog attack stories end this happily, however. A Eugene, Salem or Portland dog attack lawyer offers your best chance of holding irresponsible pet owners to account and receiving the justice you deserve.

The Oregonian: Molalla hero cited for saving man from dog attack

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