Child Safety Seat Case Puts Manufacturers on Notice

A Florida court case involving a defective car seat and a resulting severe spinal cord injury to a child can serve as an important reminder of the crucial role our courts play in holding large companies accountable for the damage they can cause in ordinary people’s lives.

As outlined by the American Association for Justice, the case concerns a Florida girl, now age 7, who suffered a severe spinal cord injury when her father’s car was involved in an accident. Unbeknownst to the father his daughter, then only two years old, “had unfastened the clip (on her child seat) before the collision, leaving her restrained only around the lower torso and permitting a lap-belt-only injury to her spinal cord.”
The article notes that attorneys working for the girl’s parents discovered that the car seat’s manufacturer “had received more than 800 complaints about children unfastening the clip and it had subsequently replaced the clip with a two-piece version that children could not unfasten.” Even so, the manufacturer contended this action on its part was related to “convenience” rather than “safety” and moved to have the suit dismissed. After losing that dismissal motion the company settled with the victim’s family for an undisclosed sum.

From the perspective of a Portland personal injury attorney, cases like this are among the strongest reminders possible of the important role our courts play in protecting the rights of accident victims. A severe Oregon spinal cord or brain injury can be a devastating blow to any family, the moreso when, as in this case, it involves injuries to children.

The accountability our courts demand even of the rich and powerful is one of the most cherished aspects of American life. Helping ordinary people argue for – and win – the justice they deserve is one of the most significant, and gratifying, aspects of an Oregon spinal cord injury lawyer’s job.

American Association for Justice: Defective design of child safety seat’s chest clip leads to girl’s paralyzing injuries

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