Canby Auto Accident Sends Two Drivers to Hospital

Two of the drivers involved in a four car Canby auto accident last week were hospitalized with one of them receiving a citation from police for his role in the Oregon car accident, according to a recent report in the Canby Herald.

The newspaper reports that the Portland area traffic accident took place on Arndt Road, near the intersection with Airport Road around 7 am on Wednesday shutting down traffic on Arndt road in both directions during morning rush hour. One of the drivers, 49 year old Michael Lee, was treated at a Portland hospital and was cited for both reckless driving and driving while suspended. A second driver, Hector Estrada-Vargas, was treated at a hospital in Tualatin.

The Herald, quoting police officers, reports that the accident began when Lee, who was traveling eastbound on Arndt Road, illegally passed another vehicle on the right. In executing the pass he lost control of his pick-up truck, careened into the westbound lane and collided with three oncoming vehicles, including the one driven by Estrada-Vargas.

Incidents like these remind us why it is important that our justice system offers injured parties recourse beyond the criminal citations issued by police at the scene. Victims of Oregon reckless driving or a Portland area auto accident of any kind should consult with a Portland personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the incident. Compensation for injuries and damages you suffer in an Oregon car accident can be substantial, depending on the nature of the crash. Seeking advice from an Oregon car crash lawyer at the earliest opportunity is the best way to protect your rights.

Canby Herald: Two hurt in four car accident

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