Bike Helmet Recall Alert

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a voluntary recall of “Little Tricky” kids bike helmets. See the link below for the original CPSC news release, including pictures of the helmets themselves. Parents should immediately double-check their kids’ helmets to ensure that the children are not using the affected products.

The agency news release says that the helmets “do not comply with CPSC safety standards for impact resistance.” That means that in the event of an Oregon bicycle accident the helmets might fail to offer the required protection. “Customers could suffer impact head injuries in a fall,” the CPSC warns.

According to the CPSC the helmets have been on sale since 2006. The company’s “Triple Eight” and “Sector 9” size “S/M” (for “small/medium”) models are affected by the recall. The government is urging parents to ensure that their children stop using the helmets immediately, and to return the helmets to the manufacturer for a full refund.

The risk of serious traumatic brain injuries cannot be overstated in a case like this. Helmets are especially important when cycling because of the risk of being thrown head-first over the handlebars in the event of a crash. While it is equally true that no helmet can prevent every conceivable accident, it is important for Oregon parents to take pro-active action whenever news of a faulty product, such as this, comes to light.

CPSC: Bicycle Helmets Recalled by Triple Eight Distribution Due to Risk of Head Injury

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