Bend Doctor is Defendant in Oregon Wrongful Death Lawsuit Seeking Almost $10 Million

The estate of Bend man Stephen Brenn is suing orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anthony Hinz for almost $10 million for Brenn’s wrongful death. The lawsuit has gone to trial.

Brenn died in 2006. The complaint accuses Hinz of negligence when he performed elective ankle surgery on Brenn. Brenn died just hours after the procedure.

Brenn’s estate has already reached a settlement agreement with St. Charles Medical Center-Bend. The trial now goes forward to determine whether Hinz and the nurses that gave Brenn pain medication were responsible for his wrongful death.

If your loved one has died because of what you believe was the negligence or carelessness of a doctor, a surgeon, a dentist, a nurse, a hospital, or another health care provider, you may be entitled to wrongful death recovery. Damages can include financial compensation for funeral and burial costs, the loss of a victim’s income and other benefits, loss of companionship, and other losses depending on the specifics of the case and your relationship to the deceased.

Examples of medical malpractice errors that can be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit if the patient dies:

• Surgical mistakes
• Wrong diagnosis
• Delayed diagnosis
• Failing to provide a diagnosis
• Prescription errors
• Failing to perform the proper tests
It is important that you discuss your legal options with an experienced Portland, Oregon wrongful death law firm.

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