Avoiding Oregon Child Injuries this Halloween

State officials are urging parents to take extra precautions to avoid Oregon child injuries this Halloween. The state Fire Marshall, Randy Simpson, told the Wilsonville Spokesman that “an increase in candle use, combined with decorations, costumes and children adds up to increased fire risk.” The paper noted that 125 Oregon fires causing over $2 million in damage have been recorded over the course of the last four Halloweens.

As much-anticipated as Halloween often is by children and adults alike, it can also be a dangerous holiday. Recommendations for safe trick-or-treating and avoiding Portland child injuries have been issued by the Oregon State Police in cooperation with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. These include having older children trick-or-treat as a group, making sure younger children are accompanied by an adult at all times and making sure that kids wearing masks can see and breathe properly.

Fire-prevention tips issued by Simpson’s office include purchasing only flame-resistant or flame-retardant costumes, avoiding costumes that drag behind the wearer on the ground (these are more likely to come into unintended contact with a lit jack-o-lantern) and not letting lights and other electrical decorations overload extension cords and electrical sockets.

In the event that a child is injured while trick-or-treating consulting a Portland child injury lawyer is an important step for parents wondering whether the law offers them any recourse.

Wilsonville Spokesman: Keep Halloween Safe

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