Alleged Portland Drunk Driver Injures Four

Police say a suspected drunk driver in Tigard, near Portland, caused a three-vehicle Oregon car accident late last week that injured four people, one of them seriously. According to The Oregonian, the accident occurred “on the Pacific Highway overpass, just north of Johnson Street” late at night, and closed the effected roadway throughout the following morning.

Local media, quoting police and Oregon DOT investigators, say a southbound vehicle crossed the highway’s center line and hit a north-bound pick-up truck. A north-bound SUV was also caught up in the unfolding Oregon auto accident. All three drivers, as well as a passenger in the SUV, were injured in the incident, according to The Oregonian, with the driver of the pick-up being listed in the most serious condition of the four.

Oregon auto accidents, especially those involving Portland or Beaverton drunk drivers, can be costly and emotionally traumatic for months or years after the fact. The government is well-positioned to punish Oregon drunk drivers with criminal sanctions, but these do little or nothing to address the pain and suffering of Oregon drunk driving car accident victims.

This is where an experienced Oregon car accident attorney can be a valuable ally. If you have been the victim of an Oregon drunk driver you deserve a fair settlement, one that takes not only hospital and car repair bills into account, but that also addresses lost wages or salary as well as the pain and suffering visited on you and your family. Consulting with a Portland drunk driving victim’s lawyer is the essential first step toward getting what you deserve.

The Oregonian: Three-vehicle collision injures four in Tigard Drink driver caused 3-car crash in Tigard, police say

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